Competence Centre

Co-funded by the European Union

As part of projects implemented by the coordinator of MedSilesia Cluster and activities dedicated to medtech specialisation, we are developing an Industry Competence Centre.

The Centre aims to enable the exchange of experience, knowledge and information, and its main objective is to improve the competencies of entities operating in the sector. The role of the platform is to support the MedTech industry in the framework of activities aimed at internationalisation, but also to provide access to information on the current offer dedicated to the medical device industry from R&D units and universities in the region.

As part of the actions of the Industry Competence Centre, we also provide access to information on cooperation opportunities with foreign partners, conduct webinars on legal changes and current trends, and provide services related to the preparation or modification of the business model in the context of supporting the company in the internationalisation process.

What can we do for You?

Tailored e-learning meetings (webinars, workshops)
Cooperation with R&D sector in the Silesian Voivodeship
Innovative tools to support your growth in foreign markets (toolbox)
Business model lab to support international activities